"It has been a bit of an adjustment. Initially, I struggled a bit. It’s an odd thing getting onstage in front of people. But we’ve been quite lucky because we had three or four years to adjust - particularly in the U.K., where our progression from playing for four people in the pub to stadiums has been steady and constant. When you do something every day, you have to normalize it."

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Coachella, weekend 2 (18/4/2014)

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iunno im using this one. youtube.com/watch?v…

apparently that’s not actually legit, just someone trying to get people to download spyware, so i don’t really think that one actually works?

The streaming doesn’t start until 6pm coachella time.

well that’s shit cos bastille starts playing at 5:25pm and we’re probably gonna have missed a good part of their set by then

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can anyone explain to me how the stream on the axs site works??

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@bastilledan We’re putting out a limited number of OTN picture discs for . You can grab it tomorrow.

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"I don’t like the attention and I don’t like being on stage, but I’ve grown to enjoy elements of it. You can’t imagine anything more mind-blowing than being onstage in front of 1,500 people, and pretty much everyone in the room shouting along to one of your songs. That’s such an amazing feeling"- Dan Smith from Bastille

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Does this even need a caption

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